Friday, April 29, 2011

Le Cirque

    Le Cirque 
Fine Foods
27 Star Crescent/Docklands/VIC/3008
P. 9670 7771

While out on a Costco adventure the other morning, boyfriend and I stumbled upon this quaint cafe in the heart of docklands premiere shopping venue. This lovely cafe caught my attention with a myriad of fine oils, vinegars and delicacies. Whilst boyfriend noticed the blackboard in front stating "Voted best coffee in Melbourne". We both looked to each other and figured lets have a go.

Considering it was 9am there was plenty of seating and we made our way toward the back into a booth. The menus were already at the table. We grazed the menu and both decided quickly as our stomachs began to rumble. Orders are taken at the counter and wasn't much notice of us. The service was average at best and barely an acknowledgement of us when we arrived. Although, as Ive mentioned in previous posts- service is important,  food is precedence!

Anyways... back to my tummy rumbling. I ordered the eggs benedict and boyfriend ordered bacon and egg in foccacia. Within 7 minutes we had both dishes in front of us.

+Eggs Benedict
Eggs poached with shaved Gypsy Ham and Hollandaise served on Toasted Muffin $11.9

+Egg & Bacon in Foccacia  
Two free range fried eggs, smoked rasher bacon in freshly baked foccacia $9.5

A great way to tell if a cafe is post worthy is to discover whether or not they make fabulous eggs benedict. The hollandaise must be silky, creamy and have a wonderful mouth feel.

My eggs benedict was amazing!!! The hollandaise was one of the best Ive had. It had a slight hint of curry in the background while the smoked ham and poached egg made for the perfect bite. I also loved the extra toast to my muffin helping to not become too soggy. Of course I ate the entire thing!

Boyfriend seemed to really enjoy his. So I stole a bite. Mmmmmmm so delicious! Looks so simple, yet the bread was fresh and divine with eggs and smoked bacon.

Le Cirque was a lovely stop on our Costco adventure. We will definitely come back! Maybe the staff will be better trained and friendlier by that time.

I never did ask boyfriend if it was the "Best Coffee in Melbourne". Hmm.

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  1. Hubby and I are always at Costco and had no idea there was a place worth visiting for brunch in Docklands! I know where I'll be eating tomorrow morning :)